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How to Keep Your Attendees Comfortable at a Corporate Conference

Scheduling a corporate conference is no small project, and there are many details to keep in mind during the planning. You need to choose the right speaker, the right AV team, set up social media and promote your event, just to name a few. Making sure your attendees are comfortable and have a good experience are important details to keep people coming back again and again. No matter what kind of corporate conference you’re planning, here are some tips to create a nice user experience:


  • Make registration streamlined and straightforward
  • Find out if attendees are bringing family or guests
  • Ask for food preferences and allergies
  • Respond with a personalized confirmation and welcome


  • Send out continuous reminders or teasers about the event and/or keynote speakers through email and social media channels
  • Share info about the location, including good places to eat and other things to see and do in the nearby area
  • Communicate clearly the logistics of arrival and transportation


  • Display welcome signs at the airport and hotel
  • Set up a small, easy-to-find welcome table in the hotel lobby
  • Create simple gift bags full of branded goodies for your attendees upon check-in
    • Water bottles
    • Welcome note
    • Maps of the premises
    • Snacks
    • Some kind of sponsored tech or small gift
  • Have greeters outside your event and staff positioned throughout in coordinated, easy-to-spot apparel
  • Communicate event hashtags and encourage attendees to share their photos through social media
  • Set up comfy lounge areas for people to rest, relax, and recharge their devices.


  • End the event with a formal or informal meal
  • Have staff thank everyone for attending
  • Send thank-you notes and/or gifts to attendees after they return home

Depending on your budget, your guests’ experience can be extravagant or simple or somewhere in between. What is most important is making them feel welcome and attending to their needs. That can make or break your event.

If you’re interested in planning a conference or meeting and need help planning your guests’ experience, connect with eCubed Events today. We’d love to talk with you about your event goals and how we can help you achieve them.