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Why Social Media Needs To Be Part Of Every Corporate Event Strategy

Social media is no longer the new kid on the block when it comes to all types of corporate communication. That’s why it’s so surprising that a lot of businesses of every size and type aren’t using it effectively to promote and highlight corporate events.

At eCubed Events, we’ve seen great success in using social media channels to drive attendance to the event, engage attendees during the event, and continue to raise awareness and overall satisfaction afterwards. That’s why we believe using social media should be a part of virtually every corporate event strategy—before, during and after it occurs.

There are many things to consider in terms of how to best use social media to your advantage. They include:

1. Identifying the right channels

Not every type of social media is right for your organization, event or attendees. Promoting your event on a channel you use most often—such as Instagram for example—may seem like a great idea. Unless, that is, your target audience is men over the age of 40…who rarely if ever use the medium. In that case, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter—or a combination—may be the better choice.

2. Looking for key opportunities

As part of our event planning process, eCubed assesses communication from every aspect to identify or create key moments ideal for social sharing. A recent conference we planned, for example, took place in one of the spaces used by the Dallas Cowboys. Finding photo opportunities for attendees—especially those who love “America’s Team”—allowed them to share their experience with friends, family and colleagues while promoting that event to potential future attendees.  And because sometimes people are more willing to share a photo than to take one, it’s always a good idea to have an event photographer for both formal and candid images that can be easily shared.

3. Customize, customize, customize

Whether creating your own hashtag or developing your own frame, it’s great to find options designed to customize event attendee experiences. Having these options easily available allows them not only to promote your event, but also provides ways for them to find out more information through simple searches. Customization can also come in the form of a convention app connected to social media channels, setting up private groups, or creating easy-to-share snippets perfect for Twitter.

If you’re looking for more information about event planning—and how to make social media a big part of your next event—contact eCubed Events today. We’d love to talk with you about all of our corporate event services.