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4 Essential Vendors You Need at Your Next Corporate Event

4 Essential Vendors You Need at Your Next Corporate Event

When it comes to corporate event planning, the word “vendor” may bring to mind tradeshow tables filled with samples and sales brochures. But we want to talk about the vendors who deliver direct services to you throughout your corporate event and why choosing the right ones is so important.


Snap-Happy Photographers

It’s so important to capture a lot of photos at corporate events no matter why you’re choosing to host one. They can be used to capture engagement during the event, share excitement after the event and even promote future events. We recommend having a minimum of two photographers—on hand throughout your conference. That way one can be in one area taking formal or posed pictures, while another is getting the more spontaneous, candid images perfect for sharing the event story. Or if you have more than one event, they can “divide and conquer” getting pics in multiple areas of the venues (or getting great shots out on the golf course!)


An A/V Expert

Is there anything more frustrating than spending countless hours perfecting a presentation…only to have the audio/visual equipment fail when it’s time to share it with your audience?  You get nervous, the audience gets unsettled and the experience isn’t at all what you hoped for. That’s why we say having an audio/visual pro on hand to set up and manage those tasks is a must.  It’s an excellent investment in crafting a positive, memorable experience for attendees.


An Experienced Videographer

Everybody carries a video camera with them on their phone—but the quality is often iffy. Because you want to make the most of every moment at your conference, we suggest hiring a professional videographer to capture key moments as well as things like testimonials and interviews that can be used on social media and in a host of other marketing efforts. By working with a pro, the sound will be better and the video quality higher (and yes, you’ll look better on camera!) Trust us when we say it’s an investment you won’t regret.


Great Entertainment

Music and entertainment are more than just accessories  — they can get an audience excited for a keynote presentation, signal transitions from one event to another, and really make your event memorable. At eCubed Events, we’ve worked with some amazingly talented DJs and other entertainers who understand the unique needs associated with a corporate event and know how to choose the right sound for the right moment. No matter the feel you want for your event, we know precisely how to deliver it.  


Because we’ve been able to work with so many different types of events, the eCubed Events team has a trusted list of vendors we love working with.  We’ve taken the time to get to know them, identify what they bring to the table, and assess which vendors are the right fit for our clients. These relationships have also proven invaluable in terms of both negotiating great pricing as well as delivering outcomes that company leadership and marketing teams love.  To chat with us about how we work with vendors like these and others, please reach out. We’d love to talk with you.