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3 Reasons Your Company Should Host A Conference

3 Reasons Your Company Should Host a Conference

If your company or organization has never hosted a conference, you are likely to be in one of two camps: a) either you want to have one but aren’t quite sure how to accomplish it or b) you aren’t sure why a conference would be beneficial. We’re here to address both—starting with the “why” first.

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to have the people you most need to share information to all in one place. What actions could you encourage? What momentum could you build? How much more influence would you have in those hours or days when compared to countless phone calls, emails or letters? Pretty powerful to think about, isn’t it?

The type of conference you’d host would, of course, depend on your primary audience. We’re going to share 3 types of conferences—and why it makes sense to host one or all of them.

1. Employee conferences

Employee conferences may not have been the first thing to come to your mind when you thought about a conference, but the very audience within your organization can be one of the most powerful advertising and sales tools you possess. Bringing employees together allows you to inform everyone from the front desk to the C-Suite about key marketing initiatives, goals and changes. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to drive internal engagement, build stronger teams and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

2. Sales conferences

It’s one thing to talk about your products by phone or have customers flip through a catalog—it’s a far different experience to let your clients get to see, touch and experience them in person. Not a products-oriented business? That’s okay. Bringing clients in to talk to them about new service lines, provide educational opportunities and engage with them on a more personal level are all exceptional opportunities for a service-oriented organization.

3. Networking conferences

Not every conference needs to be overtly sales oriented. Recently the eCubed Events team attended a Dallas-area conference that brought together business leaders for one-day event. It offered an excellent keynote address, luncheon, relaxed panel discussion, networking opportunities and a few vendor booths carefully curated to offer only those things the target audience would use. Without any outward selling, the event drove interest in the host company as well as positive reviews—all with individuals most likely to purchase its service offerings.


As you can see, hosting conferences like these can drive interest in and loyalty for your company. When done right, they are a cost-effective and powerful marketing tool that can make a big difference in your organization’s bottom line now and in the future.

And if you’re interested in planning a conference but aren’t sure where to begin, get in touch with eCubed Events today. We’d love to talk with you about your event goals and how we can hep you achieve them.