Why Choosing A Theme Can Make A Conference More Successful

Why Choosing A Theme Can Make A Conference More Successful

Why Choosing A Theme Can Make A Conference More Successful

Recently eCubed Events had the opportunity to work with a remarkable software company in preparing for their user conference. The company is a well-established, innovative problem solver whose revolutionary ideas have positively impacted one of America’s largest industries.

For this particular client, it was important that they deliver a positive, informative, and powerful experience for their attendees — one that would increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. They also wanted to ensure consistency throughout the two-and-a-half-day conference, while underscoring who they were as a company to everyone who attended.  

Our solution? We created an encompassing theme for the event as part of our planning process, with amazing results.


Here’s why establishing a theme for your conference can make it even more successful:


1. It gives you a reference point for decision making.

A conference theme can help you narrow down appropriate venues and select attendee activities. Suppose your conference theme referenced baseball, for example. You could opt to hold the conference in a town known for its ballpark, invite a former player to be your keynote speaker, and even gift your guests game tickets so they could take it in. Food trucks with gourmet hot dogs serving up lunch between sessions and boxes of Cracker Jacks in the hotel gift baskets are also a fun and natural connection to round out the theme.


2. It allows you to emphasize an important initiative.

Many businesses and organizations choose one or more internal initiatives to focus on during the year. It could be, for example, opening up an expanded sales area. With promoting that initiative as a primary goal, capitalizing on a theme like “Exploring New Territories” allows you to educate employees, get them excited about new opportunities, and provide an easy way for them to remember and promote that corporate goal. If the initiative is more serious or low-key in nature, a theme can further underscore why it’s so important and serve as a reminder of ways that every employee can contribute.


3. It generates excitement.

A great event theme can be the reason that a customer attends your conference — and, if well-executed, can keep them engaged throughout. From the signage to the swag, attendees will connect your company to an exceptional experience — something they’ll share both online and off.


If you’d like to learn more about how to select a great theme for your upcoming corporate event or conference, contact eCubed Events today. We’d love to talk with you!