How Hosting A Corporate Event Fits Into Your Marketing & PR Plan

How Hosting a Corporate Event Fits Into Your Marketing & PR Plan

Corporate events may not seem like a natural fit when it comes to executing on marketing and public relations plans. So why add one to your already long list of tactics? That’s easy: because when they’re done right, they are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

1. Delivering targeted, qualified audiences.

The heart of any marketing plan is delivering the right message to the right people —  in other words, those most likely to purchase your products or use your services.  Corporate events provide that opportunity by bringing together existing and potential customers in one place and serving them well-crafted and cohesive information.

From invitations to follow-up surveys, every component can be created to share the message you want to deliver in a positive and powerful way.

2. Building brand loyalty.

One of the opportunities that is often overlooked when it comes to corporate events is their ability to drive both awareness of and loyalty to a brand. When you create a memorable event that delivers value to the attendees, you’re far more likely to be top-of-mind when it comes to making business decisions.

For example, one of the key marketing initiatives for your company may be to attract and retain high-performing sales people — individuals for whom interaction is an important priority. Creating an engaging corporate event that demonstrates the value you place on your sales team and increases their overall satisfaction means they are less likely to leave when new offers come along.

This is also true for customers. Bringing them to an event where you can give them an unforgettable experience means they’ll be far more likely to buy (even if your price isn’t the lowest!)

3. Growing brand awareness.

Startups and other businesses that are just getting things underway can significantly benefit from corporate events. From a public relations standpoint, these events provide the chance to generate a great deal of buzz in your geographic region as well as throughout your industry. A well-planned and executed event can drive excitement for newly released products, educate on key differentiators between you and your competition and create ongoing opportunities to market to a now-highly engaged audience.

These benefits aren’t exclusive to new companies, either. Even the most established companies can revitalize, promote and revitalize their brand via corporate events.

4. Creating community connection.

Many companies have community giving goals, and corporate events can create significant, newsworthy opportunities to meet them. Tying a charitable cause to a corporate event gives attendees a “feel good” experience while delivering a wealth of PR opportunities for your organization.


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