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Avoid These Corporate Event Planning Pitfalls At All Costs

If you’ve been tapped with planning a corporate event for your company, you’ll want to make sure it’s a success. That’s why the team at eCubed Events has put together a list of the most common corporate event planning pitfalls to help you avoid making these same mistakes.


Event Planning Pitfall 1: Failure to focus on attendee experience

Especially when planning a corporate event for the first time, it can be easy to want to infuse it with your own personal preferences. It’s also common to prioritize either your company’s goals or the experience of your sales team or other staff members when developing your corporate event plan. But remember: the audience you are really trying to please are your attendees themselves. You should be planning your conference with their preferences in mind, instead of those of your own team.  


Working with an professional event planner to evaluate your company’s goals and achieve them through an engaging attendee experience can help you avoid this pitfall, as well as the negatives that come with it. At the end of the day, a happy attendee is the one most likely to do business with your organization.


Event Planning Pitfall 2: Poor communication

Have you ever heard the real estate adage that “it’s all about location, location, location?” When it comes to corporate event planning, that adage could be updated to say “communication, communication, communication.” Failing to keep people informed throughout the planning and execution of your event leads to frustration, confusion, and potentially devastating impacts.  


At eCubed Events, we work with our clients to craft a communication plan that accommodates stakeholders inside and outside of the organization. That includes not only the individuals directly involved in the planning process, but also the vendors, speakers, trainers, and other key players who will be a part of the event itself. It also includes how and when to deliver communication pieces that will drive event attendance, begin the engagement process, and help to foster positive (and profitable) outcomes.


Event Planning Pitfall 3: Choosing the wrong venue — and failing to negotiate

Choosing a venue for your corporate event is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make. Selecting the wrong venue can lead to frustration for you, your company, your vendors, and your attendees. Plus, even if you choose a great venue, failing to negotiate the terms of the contract can cost your company thousands of dollars.


Before selecting a venue, make a checklist of all of the key features you most need for your corporate event. Is the space large enough? Is it versatile enough to accommodate any breakout sessions that may be part of the event? Does it have “the basics” such as powerful WiFi and easy-to-use AV options, as well as sufficient hotel rooms for overnight stays?  


Once you’ve found the place that checks all the boxes, it’s equally critical that you carefully read the venue contract. Having worked with clients across the country to negotiate countless contracts, eCubed Events has noticed that every venue contract includes language that benefits them – leaving the onus on you to make sure that your company is properly covered. Understanding the contract and negotiating its terms are musts for a great event.


Before you plan your next corporate event, talk to the eCubed Events team about how we can help you avoid these and other event planning pitfalls. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you.