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How Hosting a Corporate Event Fits Into Your Marketing & PR Plan

Corporate events may not seem like a natural fit when it comes to executing on marketing and public relations plans. So why add one to your already long list of tactics? That’s easy: because when they’re done right, they are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. 1. Delivering targeted, qualified audiences. The heart of […]


Avoid These Corporate Event Planning Pitfalls At All Costs

If you’ve been tapped with planning a corporate event for your company, you’ll want to make sure it’s a success. That’s why the team at eCubed Events has put together a list of the most common corporate event planning pitfalls to help you avoid making these same mistakes.   Event Planning Pitfall 1: Failure to […]

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“An outstanding event is one that creates an impactful experience for attendees before, during, and after your event.”

Jen Guerrero, CMPFounder of eCubed Events
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eCubed Events is the only planning company that specializes in corporate conferences and events with the flexible approach and powerful connections needed to deliver both memorable moments to event attendees and maximum value to our clients.