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The Secret to Following Up: How to Turn Conference Attendees Into Warm Leads

Generating sales leads is the goal at the heart of many business conferences, and for good reason. When you bring decision makers to your event, it provides a remarkable opportunity to present your products and services—often in a far more in-depth way than would otherwise be possible.

So how do you turn conference attendees into warm sales leads? The “secret” lies in how you follow up with them. Here’s the kicker: you need to start that process when you’re in the planning phase of a business conference.

Planning a business conference that generates sales leads.

One of the first things the eCubed Events team does when working with our business conference clients is to determine their goal or goals. If that includes generating sales leads, we evaluate every aspect of the conference that could potentially aid in achieving that goal. That includes:

  • Generating a pre-conference survey asking for attendee input on breakout sessions or other conference events.
  • Creating opportunities to collect key information from conference attendees during the event, whether business card drop boxes or one-on-one consultations.
  • Offering private events or specialized “upgrades” for top sales targets that allow for one-on-one conversations.
  • Providing giveaways that are innovative, useful, and valuable to attendees—items they’re likely to keep and use.
  • Conducting quick surveys during the event.
  • Sending a well-crafted and targeted post-event survey to garner authentic feedback and gain additional insights about customer needs and goals.

Most important, however, is creating a memorable experience for attendees that ensures they leave with a positive impression of your organization. Ultimately, every attendee wants to feel like a welcome guest and not just a sales opportunity. A well-planned and organized business conference will do just that.

We’d love to talk with you more about your upcoming business conference and discuss how eCubed Events can deliver an outstanding experience for you and your attendees.