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The Magic Behind Event Email Marketing

Using email as part of a corporate event strategy is a must—but it’s also something that needs to be done right in order to be effective. Because the team here at eCubed Events has worked with a lot of marketing initiatives, we understand the type of finessing that needs to be done to make every email its most impactful.

Every day we all receive 50 to 100 emails in our inbox. You probably have a system for evaluating them—who’s the sender, what’s the headline, and is it likely that what’s inside is important to you. Your event invitees are no different, so finding ways to make your event emails stand out, sell the event and get the reader to take action might seem a little overwhelming.

Here’s part of the strategy we find works in informing the target event audience and keeping them informed:


Send an initial email that provides general event information and briefly (emphasis on BRIEFLY) covers the aspects of your event. In short: when and where the event will be held and—most importantly—why they will want to attend. Be sure to provide a link to the website where they can learn more.


Design a well-timed series of short emails leading up to the event, each covering a single topic, such as:

  • High-profile speakers, trainers or industry topics included in the event schedule
  • Information and training attendees will receive that they can implement to possibly give them an advantage in their personal or professional lives
  • Key networking events
  • Cultural or other unusual location-specific opportunities
  • Unique features, such as a charitable event fundraiser—something that pulls at attendee heart strings and may even give them the sole reason to attend


Before you hit “send” on your emails, evaluate them to make sure each answers a target attendee’s primary unspoken question: Why should I attend this event and what will I miss out on if I don’t? Some examples:

  • Join 300 local business leaders (or wish you had)
  • Learn the strategies that made Company X one of the fastest-growing in the nation
  • Earn 8 CE credits in two days while gaining critical hands-on experience

Remember: everyone’s reason to attend will be different. Look at your event through your attendees’ eyes to evaluate what will appeal to various audiences, then highlight them in a way that will encourage attendees to click the registration button.

And don’t forget the subject line! It needs to garner attention while reflecting the topic of your email. Generic subject lines, like “Join us November 8 for our event” doesn’t cut it. Think about a call to action that will get them to open the email, like “Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet (well-known person).” Getting someone to open that email is half the battle.

Do you have questions about how to use email more effectively to promote your upcoming business event? We’d welcome the chance to talk with you about it. Contact us today.