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eCubed Events’ 4-Step Approach to Successful Event Planning: Step 3

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

That quote comes from business management guru Peter Drucker, and it’s probably one you’ve heard at least once. But it’s a quote that encompasses the third step of eCubed Events’ planning process:

Step 3: Create Measurement Tools

As part of every business meeting or special event we work on), our team works with the client to establish key measurements and the tools to use to determine whether we’re meeting process milestones. It’s important to underscore that not every event is measured in the same way. That’s why everything we do for a client is customized to focus on their specific goals and needs.

Some business event measurements may be simple — essentially a checklist that verifies certain tasks (executing location contracts, booking keynote speakers, confirming event agendas, etc.) have been completed. Others may be geared towards hard numbers, such as hitting budgetary or attendance benchmarks. Additional measurements are more comprehensive, such as using surveys and other methods to assess attendee experience before, during and after the event to gauge success.

The creation and use of measurement tools build a picture of the event planning process and allow for a thorough post-event evaluation. That means knowing how well you’re doing from start to finish — and giving you the opportunity to make improvements in the future.

So what’s next in our event planning process? You’ll learn about that in our fourth and final part of this series, so be sure to check back soon.