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eCubed Events 4-Step Approach to Successful Event Planning: Step 1

Did you know that it’s common for many organizations to begin planning their key events 12 months or more in advance? If that statistic made your pulse quicken a bit because you’ve got an event on the calendar but not much else, it’s okay. While time may be ticking, with a good plan and a great event planning process in place, your corporate event can still be an incredibly successful one.

That’s why we’re going to be sharing how eCubed Events works through the event planning process whether we have 12 months…or half that time. In this post, we’ll be tackling the first part of that process.

Step 1: Identify Event Shareholders

While the eCubed Events team may work most often with the marketing department or an in-house events team, as business event planners we need to know to whom the event is most important and the reasons why. As part of our process, we like to meet with those shareholders to ask a series of key questions that ensure their viewpoint is captured and ultimately reflected in the event. This may be the board of directors, executive leadership team, or the business decision maker. It’s important to identify the event shareholders, as they are often the ones who have the answers to move every stage of the planning process forward smoothly.

Now that we’ve identified our shareholders, how do we move forward? Catch our next post, where we’ll tell you all about the next step in our event planning process.