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eCubed Events’ 4-Step Approach to Successful Event Planning: Step 2

We’re sharing the event planning process eCubed Events uses to make sure every tradeshow, sales meeting, conference or other important business occasion is a success. In the last post, we talked about why it’s important to begin every plan by identifying key stakeholders. Now we’ll address the second step. Step 2: Understand Where You’ve Been […]


eCubed Events 4-Step Approach to Successful Event Planning: Step 1

Did you know that it’s common for many organizations to begin planning their key events 12 months or more in advance? If that statistic made your pulse quicken a bit because you’ve got an event on the calendar but not much else, it’s okay. While time may be ticking, with a good plan and a […]

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“An outstanding event is one that creates an impactful experience for attendees before, during, and after your event.”

Jen Guerrero, CMPFounder of eCubed Events
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Why we’re different

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eCubed Events is the only planning company that specializes in corporate conferences and events with the flexible approach and powerful connections needed to deliver both memorable moments to event attendees and maximum value to our clients.