Happy First Anniversary to eCubed Events! | eCubed Events

Happy First Anniversary to eCubed Events!

ECubed Events - Corporate & Business Event Planning Company - One Year AnniversaryThere are a lot of milestones in life to celebrate, and anniversaries are definitely something special. It’s a fact that’s as true in business as it is in someone’s personal life.

That’s why we at eCubed Events are excited to celebrate our first anniversary as a company. The last 12 months have truly seemed to fly by, as we’ve not only launched our website and done all of those business “must have” tasks, but also worked on some pretty fantastic business events. There have been trips to new cities, discoveries of new venues, and—a moment of honesty here—getting to sample some pretty fantastic foods from amazing chefs.

As we celebrate this first year as eCubed Events, we recognize that none of it would be possible without the great support of our clients. To say that we work with some truly remarkable individuals and organizations is an understatement, and we are privileged to do so. We thank them for the trust they’ve placed in us, the opportunities they’ve given us and the exceptional partners they continue to be.

We can’t wait for what the future holds in our second year of business, including the events that we’re already in the process of planning. We invite you to follow along with us.