Save Money Hosting an Event in Las Vegas

Save Money Hosting an Event in Las Vegas

You are probably not surprised to hear that costs are high when booking a corporate event in Las Vegas. Everything from food and beverage to internet or audio/visual can add up quickly in the Entertainment Capital of the World. You may think you need to double down on a winning blackjack hand to help you cover the costs for the event.

Recently, I was working with a client who challenged me to think outside the box:

How can we pay less for an event in Las Vegas, yet get exactly what we want?

Great question!

The group planned to host meetings throughout the day in a suite for their guests. The guests would come and go for short 45-minute meetings, so they only needed to serve beverages. The hotel catering menu included typical hotel prices for soda, bottled water and coffee. Once they add on the standard service charge, tax, AND an additional $4 per person service charge, the total amount the hotel asked was extraordinary.

Save money by bringing your own beverages and paying a small corkage fee when hosting events.However, did you know you can ask the venue if they’ll let you bring in your own beverages (often for a small fee)?

Many venues will charge a corkage fee that allows you to bring in your own non-alcoholic beverages, such as sodas and bottled water. Typically, the corkage fee will cover the standard service items that would accompany the order, such as glassware, beverage napkins and ice. You may still have to pay the standard service charge and necessary taxes.

So that’s exactly what we did. My client had to do a little extra legwork when they arrived to Las Vegas, stopping by the grocery store to purchase their beverages. But with the overall cost savings, this was worth it to them.

In the end, our planning methods allowed our client to have their event in the location they wanted, exactly how they wanted, and within their budget.

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