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Attract Millennials at Your Next Event with These 4 Keys

To attract millennials, your event needs to offer purpose, interaction, technology, affordability and good value. Offer that, and everyone else will want to come too.


Save Money Hosting an Event in Las Vegas

You are probably not surprised to hear that costs are high when booking a corporate event in Las Vegas. Everything from food and beverage to internet or audio/visual can add up quickly in the Entertainment Capital of the World. You may think you need to double down on a winning blackjack hand to help you […]

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“An outstanding event is one that creates an impactful experience for attendees before, during, and after your event.”

Jen Guerrero, CMPFounder of eCubed Events
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Why we’re different

Unique Advantage

eCubed Events is the only planning company that specializes in corporate conferences and events with the flexible approach and powerful connections needed to deliver both memorable moments to event attendees and maximum value to our clients.