eCubed Events' First Press Release

First Press Release Launched

I’m excited to share with you that my first press release launched late last week! Getting my own business up and running has been full of fun surprises, challenges, and hard work. It’s all worth it when I hit milestones like this.

Want to check out the press release for yourself? Here you go:

Jen Guerrero of eCubed Events

eCubed Events Founder and President Jen Guerrero

eCubed Events, an event planning company focused on corporate events and trainings, launched in Dallas on April 1. The agency plans conventions, corporate conferences, trade shows, speaker panels and more.

Founded by experienced event planner Jen Guerrero, eCubed Events thrives in high-pressure environments. Guerrero brings 17 years of industry knowledge to her newest venture.

Guerrero honed her professional talents working for a variety of corporations and associations. Every event and project was unique, allowing Guerrero to master every facet of event management and meeting planning.

Guerrero has specialized experience in bringing in top-grade speakers like President George H.W. Bush, Roger Staubach, Lily Tomlin and Ben Stein.

This level of expertise is unique, as is Guerrero’s approach to event planning.

She understands companies’ various needs in organizing their conferences and trade shows, and is willing to carry as much of the load as her clients need. From working hand-in-hand with an in-house planner to coordinating the event on her own, Guerrero is experienced enough to handle every situation.

“Regardless of how eCubed Events works with a client, the focus is to determine what the goal for the event is and then look for ways to meet that goal,” she said. “Ultimately, that usually means creating a memorable experience for event attendees while ensuring the client thinks the event has been a great investment.”

For the last 17 years, Guerrero has honed her event planning skills. Launching her own corporate event planning company is Guerrero’s reward for nearly two decades of dedication to her industry.

“I realized when I was in college that event planning was something I enjoyed and had a knack for,” Guerrero said. “I could look at the big picture of what needed to be done and evaluate all of the details required to take an idea and make it a successful event.”

She learned to quickly adapt to changing needs and circumstances. Guerrero also became skilled at contract negotiation, using that knowledge to reduce expenditures year-over-year. For the last three years, she has managed a $4,000,000 budget as the Director of Events for a Dallas-based leadership organization.

“My career has given me the opportunity to get to know many exceptional people and do some outstanding work,” Guerrero said. “That’s why I decided that it was time for me to start an event management company and bring my experience to companies that really need it.”

For more information about eCubed Events, visit or email jen(at)ecubedevents(dot)com.